Nebraska/Iowa Strong


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With the recent flooding in Nebraska, Iowa, other surrounding Midwest states, I wanted to do something to give back to the community that has been my home for the last 3 decades. There was a huge push of help from everyone during the initial aftermath, but relief efforts will be continuing for months if not years.

I designed this decal to raise funds for the relief and to allow donors a way to show their pride and support for our communities. $4 from every decal sold will be donated to United Way of the Midlands' Nebraska and Iowa Flood Relief Fund. The rest goes to cover the cost of material and shipping costs.

These decals are cut from 3M 1080 Wrap film, which have a 5-7 year outdoor life, and the material is very malleable, so you can put these on nearly any clean, smooth surface. They measure 9" by 3", and I am offering them in Red or White. The lettering is cut out of the design as well, so whatever surface color you put it on will show through.

To apply the decal, simply remove the backing paper, hold the decal using the clear application tape, align the decal where you would like to apply it, press firmly starting from one end working towards the other with a finger in an up and down motion, or with a credit card or other firm card working all air out from under the decal. Remove the clear application tape, if there are any remaining air bubbles under the vinyl, just press firmly with a finger in a rotating motion over the bubble until the air dissipates.